Renovations Diary: 30th April, 2021

The Weekday Warriors have been surprisingly camera shy this week but the results of their work remain clearly visible. They have been hard at work clearing out wet and dry rot in the store room (aka Room Of Doom!).

Tony working on the joists, legs dangling through the gaps Shows the new joists with old ones cut back
Shows a lot of work required to finish around the new extractor ventilation Clear view of the new joists
Trevor looking at the gap hoping for divine intervention Shows the wall where the new joists now are inserted into

The focus remains on preparing the kitchen ready for installation of the equipment generously donated by McFarlane Telfer who have been onsite again to help with planning out the install of services needed for connecting up all the kitchen equipment and AVS with the expansion of fire and kitchen alarm systems.

Concerete still drying
The Store Room
The Corridor

The Warriors have also been busy remodelling The School Room fireplace/chimney breast to reinstate it around the new kitchen extract ducting and reinstating flooring and wall panelling that had to be removed for installing joist supports, so the school room can be put back into regular use. The list of jobs seems never ending but real progress is still being made week by week.

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