Renovations Diary: 2nd April, 2021

The results of the air conditioning installation are visible ... for a short time only. The School room will be re-instated for the new term starting and below, the ceiling completed and made made for the sparkies and then plasterboarding.

Looking up into the new extractor
The extractor positioned in The Kitchen ceiling
The extractor will be completed when the rest of the equipment goes in

The guys have been busy in The Kitchn and hallway too. The armoured cable protectors have been laid and the next layer of The Kitchne floor laid and tampered down.

Armoured protection for the mains cables
Snaking through the hallway into The Kitchen
The team aduring burying the cable protectors - havent even broken sweat The Kitchen floor now ready for concreting

And yet another delivery. This time it is for sand that will be used in the concrete for The Kitchen floor. The guys are now on a tight timetable as this must be cleared before re-opening on the 12th. Good luck!

Is the tipper really going to pick out the sand with the grabber?
No, tipping back slowly due to proximity to the ladies toilet
Sand starting to pour out
Now that is what you call a dump

And there were further deliveries too. The new stairs have been made and delivered, ready for installation in a couple of weeks. Also a lot of timber that is going to be required for The Kitchen, hallway and The Storeroom. Unfortunately the lads had to hire a van and pick this up ourselves, costing valuable time and cash.

Pre-manufactured pieces for the new stairs to The School House
Plywood and a lot of wood battons - and we mean a lot!
And even more plywood was required - hope they have done the sums correctly
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards