Renovations Diary: 26th March, 2021

The Warriors have been hard at it again. Having previously installed a structural steel to support the roof this week saw the equally important installation of the cross-beams in the kitchen ceiling. The existing beams have been left in situ and are bolted securely to the new ones.

At one end of the new rafter, on the steel support inserted a few weeks ago
Afixing the new rafter onto the old one
A real team effort and all working on step ladders
Can see the new rafters in place

More walls are now fitted with the damp proof membrane, generously supplied by Permagard. The team were working both in The Store Room and in The Kitchen - even the new back wall was getting covered by damp proof membrane. Should last another couple of hundred years!

The team working in The Kitchen
The Store Room
Covering the new back wall in The Kitchen

RAS Installations are in to start the riser for the kitchen extraction system. The area they will be working in is The Schoolroom to get this ready for after Easter GR6.

The team from RAS
Moving the extraction parts
In The School House
Opening up the roof to take the extraction system

And the boys still had time to have a laugh too! Do you fancy it? Please do get in contact - we need more Weekday Warriors now that the weather is getting better. Stripping, painting ... you name it, we have a task or two for you!

Ian unaware that Tony's head is poking through the floor
And now Ian gets the joke
Close-up of Tony sticking his head through the floor
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards