Renovations Diary: 9th April, 2021

The Weekday Warriors have been extremely busy this week getting The Kitchen, hallway and Store Room ready for laying the concrete floor. This has required the floor to have foundations put down, levelled off with tons of sand, then thermal materials and finally damp proof sheeting laid on top. Oh, and the walls covered with damp proof membrane too and edges sealed and ....

All the walls have now got damp proof membrane
The sand had to be barrowed in and levelled
What used to be the tunnel entrance (allegedly)
The hallway

Tony and Trevor levelling and compacting the sand
Not a mark in the sand - ready (hopefully)
In The Store Room, likewise ready to go

Whilst they were doing that, in parallel they were digging out the cellar drop, also reinstating The Kitchen wall that was removed to allow access, and also taking out the remaining window.

New cahnnelling dug round the cellar drop
Tony removing a kitchen window
Trevor helping to remove a window
Ian and John digging out the cellar drop

And on the Friday, after a very long night, the concrete turned-up and needed to be laid ... and quickly! It was all hands to the wellies and rakes to get it laid down. Here is the delivery side of it.

The lorry with the cement sticking out of the main gates
The lorry with the pumping unit
The hose from the pumping lorry into The Kitchen area
Hose snaking though The Kitchen through to The Store Room

And here is the physically tough levelling bit whilst ensuring the concrete is to the correct consistency all the way through every cubc centimetre.

Churning the concrete using rakes View of the Kitchen floor and what will be The Cold Room
Labour intensive work The Hallway fully laid
But sitll having a laugh about it all The Store Room floor finished
The Kitchen floor completed Into The Cold Room

We salute 'The Konkrete Kids' who are Ian Birch, Tony Cross, Trevor Harvey, John Symon and Richard Allen.

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