Renovations Diary: 12th March, 2021

The Warriors have been at it again. This time they really have been trying to 'stop the rot'. The internal stairs from the School House down to the pub were well and truly rotten and needed to go. New stairs will arrive soon as will more equipment for the kitchen kindly donated by McFarlane Telfer Ltd.

Internal panelling removed from stairwell Bottom of the stairs already removed Only the bannister remains
Waiting to be called into action from down below One large section remains to be taken down Ian stepping out into space from The School Room
Wee Tony looking - well - wee .. at the foot of the non-existent stairs A lot of the stair now removed, first time the tunnel has seen light for many years Wee Tony looking lost and lonely

Meanwhile, the new kitchen backwall has been 'maturing' and we will soon be able to start work with it.

Looking towards The Kitchen door
Picture taken from The Kitchen door
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards