Renovations Diary: 5th March, 2021

Over the weekend, Ian Birch was in completing the back wall of The Kitchen. He was working late into Sunday evening. Appreciated !

Ian completing the back wall
The finished back wall

As we are now at the construction phase to get The Kitchen and The Storeroom ready for installation of services and facilities, the team have taken the first delivery of many of raw materials required. Again the professionalism of the driver was awe inspiring.

Arty shot through th planters
Lorry with stabilisers out
The onboard crane lifting wood into The Courtyard

The guys have started to use the damp proof membrane kits that were provided by Permagard at a fantastic price to help us move forward with The Kitchen and The Storeroom.

Tony putting up damp proof membrane
Team putting up membrane in The Storeroom

Team work has been essential these last couple of months. Do you want to join them? We could do with more Weekday Warriors to help progress The Kitchen so that we are open as quickly as possible. Come and see us!

The Warriors in The Kitchen
The Warriors in The Courtyard
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards