Renovations Diary: 26th February, 2021

Over the weekend, the team and contractors cracked on to finish the back wall of THe Kitchen. You can see the difference between the newly installed breeze block and the original wall.

Back wall partially rebuilt
Rebuilt wall showing new steels

Earlier this week the team took down most of the Acrows that have been supporting the metal beams that were installed. These are no longer required.

Taking down the Acrows
Kitchen devoid of Acrows
Steel in place showing new lintel over door too

Next they took on the back breaking work of barrowing in tonnes of screed material to level off the floors in the backrooms and The Kitchen itself.

Loading a barrow with screed for the floor levelling
Tony barrowing screed into the building
Showing off the levelled floor in The Store Room
Where is the tunnel now?

This has left some opportunities for the team - who said it was going to be easy? With the total removal of the chimney, that leaves a gap between THe Kitchen and The School House directly above which now needs to be filled in.

Removing the chimney has left a gap
Making safe whilst closing up the gap
Eye spy with my little eye ... view from above as Tony works on the Acrows

Team work has been essential these last couple of months. Do you want to join them? We could do with more Weekday Warriors to help progress The Kitchen so that we are open as quickly as possible. Come and see us!

Team removing last of old back wall in The Kitchen
Two out of three of the team smiling
Preparing the last of the back wall

Please keep coming back to see the progress with The Kitchen and other aspects of the renovation work. The journey has started but we still have a long way.

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