Renovations Diary: 19th February, 2021

Time to start putting it back together! The Weekday Warriors have been joined by the 'brickies' who have started rebuilding the walls to secure the steel beam and new lintels over the doorways.

Sorting out the door way and new lintel Building up a pier in the interior corridor
Building a new pier In the store room
Sorting out the old wall at The Kitchen door Finished door with new lintel and entry sorted out

The wall at the back of The Kitchen is being rebuilt by our contractors.

Backwall prior to starting the rebuild All temporary woodwork and sheeting removed Removing the chimney debris
Knocking down the last of the fireplace Started the rebuild of the backwall
All temporary woodwork and sheeting removed More and more cement is required

Next the fireplace wall will be completed, and the pipe work for services are being planned out before the floor is filled and laid. The plan for the kitchen has moved forward significantly and initial drawings look exciting.

The internal corridor
Steve - Weekday Warrior
Tony at what is the purported entry to the tunnel
Passing bricks up

Do you have some time to donate? Can you help and be a Weekday Warrior? Why not get in contact or simply go down to The Swan. No experience required.

Putting in the new lintel
Sorting out the brickwork

A huge thank you to Steve and his team at Permagard for their incredibly generous reduction in prices for the damp proof membrane kits required for our kitchen install. They were so supportive of the project and have offered their assistance with any advice we may need.

Damp proof membrane newly delivered to The Swan

Watch for this to be used in the next week or so as the rebuild of The Kitchen progresses.

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards