Renovations Diary: 12th February, 2021

A vital step to secure the structure for the kitchen space and no easy task. The photo shows the team positioning the two steels before bolting them together. All they then have to do is lift the entire steel into position! Definitely a team task utilising brains, brawn and some nifty lifting gear on hire for the day. We look forward to showing the results next week.

Team stare at the new beams thinking what are we going to do with them
Team decided cup of tea was the way forward before anything strenuous
Started work - aligning the two beams to be joined

Putting the two steells together is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Check you have all the bits, orientate them the right way, check that they actually fit, and then go for it. And have the lifter ready to mount your creation in the right place.

Getting the joining packs out - a bit Ikea like
Starting to join the two beams together - hope they have enough nuts and bolts
Looking at the lifter to figure out how to use it to raise the beams

And it's up as quick as a blink. Well not excatly as there was a lot of sweat and tears to get the steel up there, but as you can see, the guys have made huge progress in just a few hours.

Our Weekday Warriors
The assembled beam ready for lifting into place
And it is up already
Beam slotted into place quite easily
The Kitchen looks like a building site - well in reality it is!
The team discuss next steps - they only have the lifters for 24 hours
Not sure standing under the beam is a good idea
Right, what do we do next?

If you have been following what has been going on, the Warriors have been digging down and stabilising the floor in The Kitchen and other backrooms. They have also demolished the wall between The Store Room and The Room of Doom. All that debris was removed during the week. Some very skillful driving was required to get the tipper truck into The Courtyard!

Debris being lifted into the tipper truck
Gap to the wall was absolutely minimal
The operator cleared the space within minutes
View from above showing the real skill of the driver / operator

It's not just The School who were braving the cold; the wild birds of Clewer were taken care of by students who turned a pile of old Swan floorboards into nest boxes. At least one of these will end up in The Courtyard as a new home.

Bird boxes made from floorboards
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards