Renovations Diary: 5th February, 2021

The Weekday Warriors continue to impress with their stamina, enthusiasm and ability to get down and dirty! Another busy week has seen them almost finished with the clearing out of the areas needed for our new kitchen. With the demolition work now nearly complete the next phase, construction, will be starting very soon.

The lads with some serious breathing aparatus on
Ian holding up the whole pub
Tony making a small modification with a grider, sparks are flying
Steve with a smaller grider finishing off a wall ready for a new door frame to go in

Another wall, another chance for the Warriors to "modify" it.

Must be a joke there - two heads poking up through a new whole created in a wall
Kitchen looks cluttered but in twenty minutes would be ready for the contractors

Tony gets everywhere! There are lots of jobs that need to be done all round the site - some small and some slightly larger. Think you can help? We do need Weekday Warriors to help us continue with the renovation.

Tony drilling holes although it looks like a laser rather than a drill
Taking down a bit of a wall
Fixing the kitchen door area
Another view of the kitchen door area

This was The Room of Doom with the alleged tunnel under the staricase. The Warriors have taken down the non-load bearing wall, taken up the floor, levelled the place and ensured that there was no re-occurrence of the rot of several years ago. This is now incorporated into The Store Room.

Left hand side of what was the room of doom - most of the wall has been removed, just a wee stub left
Underneath the staircase to THe School House

As well as having far too much fun in the process, our busy Warriors have shifted a great deal of rubbish. All the rubble that has been removed from the kitchen, stockroom and cold store is now in the courtyard awaiting removal.

Kitchen and Store Room debris in The Courtyard

Whilst this work is going on in The Kitchen area, The School House is closed. The School are using the IT Suite and The Bar for lessons for the students who are attending. Everyone on site is regularly checked for Covid with our own testing provided by The School.

The School Room with the hearth on the floor
Due to work in The Kitchen, some work was required to the chmney that goes through The School House
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards