Renovations Diary: 29th November, 2020

We invited a few people who had intimated that they were happy to do some volunteering work during the present times. We were grateful that they came in and "tarted-up" The Bar. Giving it a refresh with a newlick of paint. We are so grateful that they came out and gave their time to spruce up the place ready for re-opening after Lockdown 2.0

Please note that appropriate Covid actions were taken on the day (e.g. social distancing) by the volunteers.


Painting the back wall at the gents
A lot of care was taken not to get paint on the floor
A lot of prep work was required filling in holes


Tony from across the road got stuck in
Anne was doing woodwork
Bez getting paint and tape together
Miranda was giving a hand too
Activity at the front bay window
Painting at the back of the front door
Debbie painting woodwork near the bay windows


Dawn paiting at the back of the front door
Anne painting some of the high bits
Bex painting one of the short walls
Anne cutting in behind a radiator
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards