Renovations Diary: 27th November, 2020

A very busy time for the Weekday Warriors who have made great progress this week. Anyone walking past the gates recently should have seen that the tarmac has been removed revealing the concrete level.

Lads breaking up the tar on the surface of The Courtyard Loading up a wheel barrow with atr Tar almost totally removed
Starting to remove the atr The Courtyard covered in broken up tar Even by The Main Gate was done ALads standing by a fire - all done
Place looks like a bomb site Picking up the larger bits of broken tar Slowly getting there Lexie goetting stuck in with a jack hammer

With a mini digger onsite early this morning the Warriors will be able to dig a trench for the new electric cable to power the kitchen.

The digger carving through the base of The Courtyard All the way from the stables to the kitchen
Digger digging The channel dug to The Stables
Digger from above Hard at work digging the trench for the new kitchen electrics

The Coach House now has its side door in place which will stop the drafts. There is still more old pointing to rake out and guttering to install.

The door is on The side of The Coach House
At night it will be a lot warmer

Thanks this week go out to John, Tony, Trevor, Tom and Ian

Some of the Weekday Warriors enjoying a beer
Socially distanced Weekday Warriors
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards