Renovations Diary: 4th December, 2020

Never in the courtyard of pub refurbishment has so much been achieved by so few! After their incredible efforts this week our valiant Weekday Warriors have truly earned our thanks. They battled through the underground debris of the courtyard, revealing what may have been foundations for old stables, to lay in the ducting needed for power supplies to the new kitchen. They also battled through the torrential rain too.

Tamping down the sand Checking how much materials are left for the trench Only six inches to go
Starting to bury the cable protector Using a compactor
Laying the cable protector Trench marked out that there are cables underneath

Passers by may have seen the tons of rubble building up which needed removal by grab lorry. And also the delivery lorry for sand and scalpings to fill in the trench.

Grabber from a lorry removing trench debris Delivry lorry dropping a bag next to The School stairs
Unloading bags of material using crane attachement Lorry half in and half out the gate Activity at the front bay window Activity at the front bay window
Tonyt watching the crane attachment lifting a bag high into the sky Spreading sand into the trench

The trenching has been filled in ready for reopening and, in between deliveries of materials, good progress was made in the stripping out of the kitchen. This revealed a range of interesting wildlife and pottery; some fresh, other historical! Thanks this week to those that literally put their backs into it; Ian, Anthony, John, Tony, Steve, Trevor and Lexie.

A poodle toy in the kitchen debris
Part of a plate was dug up
Handle of a pint pot
Another bit of pottery dug up
The team working in The Kitchen Rotten wood in The Kitchen
Temporary door created in the kitchen with one of the team playing a spade as a guitae Shows why the floor needs ripped up
Ian and Athony Birch Floor removed from front of the fire place

The bar really benefited from hard graft of the volunteers who came in. They gave the place a lick of paint followed by a good scrub and brush up. We'd like to thank our socially distanced painters: Trevor, Colin, Jeff, Tony, Miranda, Bez, Dawn, Richard, Debbie & Steve, Anne and of course Ian. See last week's diary page too.

Tony on hads and knees cleaning the floor
Getting right into the corners with the cleaning

Please note we have tried our best to include photos of everyone involved, and also mentioned, but if you are missing, then please give us a shout and we will update this page.

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