Renovations Diary: 7th February, 2020

The Weekday Warriors have continued to take advantage of the better weather and have been tackling the roof again. You know? The bit under the blue tarpaulin and around that area.

Remedial work is progressing really well. The guys have cleared the debris, and creeper, and have put in the framework for the replacement roof. This will be then protected and made water tight using a specialist compound.

Want to be a Weekday Warrior? Come down any time Mon-Fri from about 9.30am. All help appreciated.

The gable end

The gable end in need of repair
Pointing out paper mache used for a previous repair Glad there is scaffolding for a secure platform
Guys getting stuck into repairing the gable end>

Repairing the roof (under the tarpaulin)

Ian clearing the debris Working through the old water tank hatch
Roof ready for preserving and water proofing New bit strong enough to hold an old fat bloke
Old roof part removed and remodelled Still a lot of work to do on it

Addition of the bike racks

Lexie installing the rack
Bike in the new rack to demonstrate it works!

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards