Renovations Diary: 31st January, 2020

The Weekday Warriors have focussed their efforts on completing the fireboarding on the ground floor in the areas behind the scenes. The cellar stairwell, the corridor, store room and the 'room of doom' (which has the alleged tunnel entrance).

They have also been helping with the preparations for the Six Nations. An extra TV is being installed today (Friday), as are more speakers. We will also have live TV in the School Room when the pub is busy and perhaps the Coach House too (fingers crossed as it is a big request and a lot of additional work).

The professionals - Stuart and Casey - have been up on the roof today. It is dry and not too windy or cold. They have taken the opportunity in the break in the weather to cap off the shortened chimney. If you remember, this was leaning at an angle and the Building Team decided to make sure there was no doubt about its' safety by reducing the height of it.

And on Thursday, everyone down the pub had to look for a mystery cat. Crying had been heard and the team believed that it was trapped. After much digging and an hour plus, the team abandoned the search . No cat. No crying. Just a complete mystery ... or was it a ghost? .

Capping the Chimney

Stuart and casey working on the chimney Close up of the chimney ready for capping
Lads working up on the roof Half way through capping the chimney
Photo from ground level showing high the lads were working at Chimney now properly capped off


Trevor and Jim in the cellar Ceiling outside the stock room Jim in the room of doom, stairs now boxed in
In the ellar, stairs to first floor now boxed in Room of doom fireboarded Team hiding in the room of doom
Room of doom ceiling now insulated More fireboarding More insulation in the room of doom

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards