Renovations Diary: 14th February, 2020

When the Weekday Warriors came in on Monday morning after Storm Ciara, we had only one issue: the tarpaulin covering the Coach House. This was pulled off by the storm and was allowing water ingress. Once the weather was better, Trevor and Ian were up ladders making the necessary repairs to fix the tarpaulin down. Given that Storm Dennis is approaching, the guys had to make additional fixings.

With the weather this week it was decided to hold back on external works.

The electrician came in and has installed lighting to the rear corridor of the pub. This means we can remove the temporary yellow light cages.

Work has started on the stockroom to make it bigger, safer and more secure. We have started removing the partition and installing proper shelving for Matt and bar team.

Adrian back painting out in the Courtyard Lads on ladders fixing the tarpaulin on the Coach House roof Coach House roof minus the usual protective tarpaulin Emergency securing for the tarpaulin after Storm Ciara
New temporary lighting in the hall Frank the Sparky adding in more lighting Trevor working in the stock room
Trevor starting to remove partition wall within the stock room Working at the side of the Coach House roof Working at the front of the Coach House roof
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards