Renovations Diary: 22nd November, 2019

Work started on the roofs of The Stables, with the street facing side made safe and water tight. Professional roofers carried this out for us.

Clearing work in The Courtyard and The Stables was started. Tons of rubble and waste was removed, along with scrap materials. It created a significant amount of space.

And toilet roll holders were added. Can you spot the deliberate mistake?

Lexie was clearing The Stables

Bit of a mucky face, but still happy

Cleared behind the doors

Tons of earth and rubbish has been moved

Tidying up The Stable doors

Scraping off loose paint

Moving furniture about (again)

To maximise the floor lay out

Recycle as much as possible

Five recycling bins all in view

Toilet roll in the ladies!

Just beside the baby changing unit

Professional roofers started

Stret facing side of The Stables fixed

And more furniture moving

Unfortunately there is no right answer

Storage area cleared

Tons of material was removed offering a lot of space

Toilet roll holder in the gents

A lot of people were asking so the team sorted them out
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards