Renovations Diary: 15th November, 2019

The pre-painted soffits and fascias started to be mounted on the roof. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point. This will allow the addition of the new aluminium guttering in the coming weeks.

Work in the kitchen started. The back wall has already been prepped with boron, and now covered with polythene and insulation material. The ceiling beams were re-inforced and a new stud partition added.

And tons of debris was removed from the dump behind the doors. This has allowed better storage of equipment and materials, as well as better facitlities for the recycling bins.

Banquette nearing completion

Seating in the front alcoves, just need painting now

New soffits and fascias

All the wood is pre-painted

New boards mounted

Photo taken up on the roof from the scaffolding

Repaired kitchen wall

New beams and stud partition, with insulation

Another view of kitchen repairs

Showing new beams in the roof

Lots of guttering to paint

Painting underneath the lean-to due to the weather

Lest we forget

Poppy on the main gate

Roof repairs looking good

New soffits and fascias from below

Rob sorting out boards

All measured, pre-cut and pre-painted

Polythene used for separation

Covers old wall in the kitchen

Dump area cleared up

Bricks restacked

Bins fit cleanly in now

The recycling bins now fit neatly into the space

Professionals make it look easy!

Rob chuntered through the painting of the guttering in quick style

Pre-painting the boards

In the coach house

Rob working on the roof

Mounting the soffits and fascias

Newly painted banquette

Final paint coat applied

The new "time" bell

New bell donated by Colin (aka Jock)

Dump space cleared

Can now store stuff behond thescenes

Gutter fixings needed painted too

Brackets, angled pipes, etc all lines up
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards