Renovations Diary: 8th November, 2019

Inside the pub we are continuing with the finishing touches. The building team are finishing off the banquettes in the front alcoves. The first of the Swan themed cushions have arose. And we even have new pictures appearing in the bar.

Painting continued with the soffits, fascias and guttering. A lot has been done but there is a lot more to do. Also we are awating more guttering to come so it will be a while before we are finished painting.

Outside the pub, we had to do a little bit of remedial work on the front wall. It now has some support and will be addressed with a permanent solution soon.

The Green Room School has started to tidy up the outer stables. This has started with the doors and the walls. This will be repainted. The stables will also be emptied and will be used for the Christmas Fayre.

Rob working on the banquette

Finishing the grills for floor level

Guttering ready for painting

Guttering stacked up in a row

Kitchen re-boroned

Back wall looking good now

More cracks in main wall

Quiet major in nature and multiple ones

Tony fixed the gates

Gates were levelled to allow them to close properly

New handmade cushions

In Swan material

Guttering painted with bitumen

On the inside faces, outside needs primed

Kitchen cleared

Only old equipment is now left in there

Temporary stabilisation of main wall

A bar along the wall with support struts

Lexie clearing up

Clesring up the old paint that has been scraped off

New artwork has appeared

Horses on a blue background

Painting the soffits and fascias

Part way through the painting process

Lest we forget

Large poppy mounted on the front gates

Tidying up the stables

Can see loose paint has been removed
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards