Renovations Diary: 1st November, 2019

Due to excessive rains, we had some issues with leaks in the main building. The priority therefore became doing quick repairs and then accelerating the replacement of the soffits, fasicas and guttering. Also some of the broken and missing tiles needed replaced.

In preparation of the contents of the stables moving into the main building (due to some events in December), the floor boards were replaced and floor made good. A lot of re-organisation of the contents was done to allow more to be added.

We also started the tidy-up of the office so that the next steps can take place.

Gully that had a small leak

Just above bedrrom 3

Team fixed the ladies loo slates

Trevor replacing some slates

Guys on the roof

Looking at the existing soffits and fascias

Hall floor re-instated

Mixture of floor boards and wood panels for now

Bedroom 2 with floor

Floor boards down and tidy (for now)

Start of repairs

Bitumen like substance and specialised tape

Boiler now dry

Had to be protected from leak, now dry

New fascias and soffits

Being readied for priming and painiting

Bedroom 3 with a floor

Now with full floor

Bedroom 1 prior to work

Floor boards all up

Gully repaired

No more leak in the gully

Repair above the boiler

Slates were repaired to make the roof secure

Office being tidied

Shows the new electrical and plumbing work

Bedroom 4 with a floor

Floor boards re-instated
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards