Renovations Diary: 25th October, 2019

Sparkies were in again this week and removed the last connection from the main distribution box inside the stables, allowing the removal of the last cable protector across the main entrance.

Inside we have ben working on the finishing touches such as putting up the feature mirror and the baby changing units in both the ladies and gents toilets. Oh, and installing a second TV for the rugby world cup semi-finals.

Disappointingly some roof leaks re-appeared and the protecting tarpaulin shifted. Roof work has now become a priority.

Cable protector now gone

Plastic cable protector removed from the main entrance

Baby changer in the gents

In the lowered position

Feature mirror added

Over one of the fireplaces

Tarpaulin shifted

Exposign missing tiles on the roof

Baby changer in the gents

In the raised position

Baby changed in the ladies

In the lowered position

New ladies toilet sign

Designed by marilyn the project manager

Gents toilet

Small leak has started

Boarding in the office

Trevor plaster boarding in

Baby changer in the ladies

In the raised position

Second TV for the rugby

Temporarily mounted on a chair but the picture is good
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards