Renovations Diary: 4th October, 2019

Project Manager's Report

We have had another productive week at The Swan. On Tuesday we held a volunteers painting day and had a fantastic turn out given that the weather was awful that day. We had about 14 people at the Swan at one stage. We did have to make the decision the close the bar that evening due to wet paint to all areas of the bar and loos but this resulted in a dedicated team worked late into the evening making most of the closure. Anne popped in and made a fantastic job of oiling the bar top it really does look stunning. We will also being showing other matches through the week.

Aside from one small area of skirting and a few second coats needed on the walls to the bar, loos and the internal doors we are almost there.

We have made a start on the external doors and hopefully we will be able to get these completed over the next few weeks. The final coats on the window sills have just been done and the windows look really light and fresh.

We have lots of minor works to complete over the next few weeks but none will be of a disruptive nature and the bar will not need to be closed.

We have ordered some chunky glass shelves from Windsor Glass and these should be fitted this week.

The slate hearths are due to arrive on Friday and although we can’t afford to do any further work to the fireplaces yet they will make a difference to the look of the bar.

The school room tiling is now complete and we are already taking bookings for this space.

Next week Peter will be able to commence the making of our window seats. We also have some old church pews that Will sourced and we will be sanding and varnishing these.

Finally our lovely plumbers - Scott and Rob - will be connecting the heating on Saturday as the nights are drawing in and there is a noticeable chill in the air.

We still have lots of work to do if you can lend a hand just turn up.

Marilyn xx

Carol cleaning the ladies

Down on hands and knees cleaning the floor tiles

Painting behind the bar


Adrian finishing the windows

Outside the pub in the street up a ladder

Preparing the windows for painting

Hoovering to remove the dust

Painting the new side door

Adrian painting the door frame white

Bez finishing the walls

At the back of the bar beside the gents

Mariyn helping out

Painting the walls with Bez

Painting finished behind the bar

Dark green to match The Swan colour scheme

Marilyn removing covering

To expose the new wooden floor

Bar ready

Tables and painted chairs on the new wooden floor

Alan finishing the skirting

Visitor from California helping out with the painting

Trevor in the gents

Painting the door frame

Teamwork - Pete and Alan

Painting the front windows

Clearing the yard

Moving the rubble at the front of the yard

Finished article

General shot of the bar area

Preparing the signs

Repainting the external signs so they can be remounted

Painting the glass cabinet

That sits behind the bar

From the side of the bar

SHows new lighting however the light bulbs are too small

Front of the bar

Stools in front of the new bar, also shows new lightly coloured wooden floor

Awaiting the hearths

Candles in one of the fire places

Pete playing around

Whilst painting the side door

Sanding the front door

Removing the dark stain and making it much lighter and appealing


Before applying the official dark green colour

Stable door painted

At side of the bar

Laura in the gents

More door frames being painted

John clearing the rubbis

From the front of the courtyard

Anne preparing for the re-opening

After the bar was closed for a day

New wooden floor

Feshly exposed ready for tables and chairs

Pew trial

Old fashioned pew fitted into one of the alcoves

New shelving

Behind the bar
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards