Renovations Diary: 27th September, 2019

We have had a very busy week.

First a big thank you goes to all our volunteers for this week. Without these people the pub would not be at the stage it is. We've even had visitors from America helping us out!

A big milestone has been the installation of our new sign hanging proudly where it belongs. Many thanks to Peter our builder, Warren the Scaffolder, and the team who installed this last Saturday.

Inside the pub we now have in place the new corrugated front, to our bar. Also we now have the new keg serving bridge in place, which is very smart indeed.

This week saw the external lights for the doorways been wired in and lit. Bas and Diana certainly did an excellent piece of restoration with them!

The school room is nearly completed. The guys from the Green Room are settling in nicely. As you can see, the desks and chairs can be set up in a variety of styles dependent upon the needs of the actual lesson - this is extremely important.

Site clearance is still going on and a massive push for this next coming week. We are trying to remove as much building materials and waste from the site as possible. This will improve the overall look and feel.

Fixing the skirting

Adrian lying on floor fixing the skirting to the wall

Renovated school room

Looks the part and all new

New bar front installed

Stylish corrugated aluminium

Diana cleaning an old pew

Several pews have been donated

External lamps were mounted

Painted in The Swan coours by Bas and Diana

Skirting fitted and painted

All in magnolia

Team drinks on Friday

Volunteers having a few drinks on a Friday evening

Rejuvenating the external sign

Bes scraping off all the old paint

Picture hides a cupboard

Picture of Windsor hides a cupboard in the school room

Filling the windows

Tony with builders caulk

Ian filling holes

In one of the window frames

Side door cleaned up a bit

Old cables removed, lamps added, just needs painted now

Gents toilet

Dark grey and bare brickwork make it look stylish

A wee bit thirsty

One of our doggy visitors staring at a pint

Alan from the USA

Painting the skirting

Installing new bridge

Made of shiny copper

Touching up the walls

Liz touching up marks made by the electricians

Kelly got involved too

New barmaid helping out painting

Adrian attacking the windows

More painting of the front windows

The pub sign returns

On a beautiful sunny day
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards