Renovations Diary: 13th September, 2019

Scott the plumber has been hard at it this week:

  • commissioning the gents toilets
  • connecting up the school's kitchenette
  • mounting the radiators in the school room
  • installing the glass machine in the bar, and
  • installing the ice machine in the cellar.

The equipment took slightly longer than planned, but there was a huge cheer when he appeared from the cellar with a handful of ice.

If you have been in the pub, there have been a number of paint trials going on. Some successful, some less so and have been changed.

Plans for the next couple of days include:

  • grouting the gents, sealing it, and adding the cistern,
  • painting in the bar and toilets,
  • cutting and attaching the skirting, and
  • adding the bar front.

We've heard it a few times in the last couple of weeks ... it's starting to look like a real pub. Give us a few more days and it will be even more so and with the new sign hanging outside the door (being installed this afternoon), hopefully it is somewhere we are all proud of.

Before the green is added

Can't wait for the floor covering to be removed

Installing the school kitchenette

Pete getting stuck in before the school opens

Lexie with fetching headwear

An old polythene bag

Radiators now installed

In the school room

Last of the plastering in the bar

Ian Gray doing the finishing touches

Bas scraping away

At the front window

Pub looking good

Now with tables and chairs inside

Trialing the green paint

Marilyn using test pots in the bar

Cool green on some walls

But will probably change

Directly behind the bar

Plasterboarding next to the stairs to first floor

Giggling wire strippers

Weather still good so girls are down stripping

First of the ice

Scott the Plumber with ice from the newly commissioned machine

Ready for the quiz night

Lots of work was required to ready the pub for the quiz

Lexie with more boron

Multiple coats by mulptiple people to kill the dry rot and mould

Bes painting

In the pub area

Ian chuffed with his stripping

Of the front windows

And Tony involved too

Windows have taken up significant resource and time
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards