Renovations Diary: 6th September, 2019

Probably the biggest news of this week is that the scaffolding has started to come down. Okay it is only a small bit, but it is a start. This was around the entrance to the school room. Also the iron railings were welded back on after making some small repairs.

And the sparkies have been hard at this week connecting up the cellar, the bar, the toilets and the school room. They have a little work to do behind the scenes to connect up the boiler and heating, but they are ready for the fire and security equipment to be connected up tomorrow. In a couple of weeks they will set-up the wifi.

The team have also been busy putting fire doors on the toilets, varnishing the school room floor, further stripping of the front windows, plaster boarding in the hall, and working to commission the gents toilet (very soon guys, honest).

Finishing the bar plumbing

Scott the Plumber behnd the bar

School room all lit up

All the lights were switched on

Warren removing scaffolding

Over the school entrance

Welding back the steel plate

Guys from Its a Steel did the work

Fitting the fire system

Final alarm box being added

Pete our builder

Photographed with the newly returned pub sign

New ledges to the front windows

Lots of odd angles and squint walls

Wiring up the bar fuse box

Hidden in the main hall

Cooler in cellar now working

Cellar wiring was finished

Return of the pub sign

Had the metalwork added by Its A Steel

The metalwork specialists

Team from Its A Steel

King of the rubbish pile

Searching for the metalwork

Downlighters being tested

In the school room

Varnishing the school room floor

John and Trevor

Fitting a fire door

Pete adding the outer ladies fire door

Added fire board to hall

Next to the school room

Adding the railings

Its A Steel welding outside the school room
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards