Renovations Diary: 30th August, 2019

You may have noticed today that the courtyard was a hive of activity. The team from The Green Room School were in building the furniture for the school room (aka the Court House). One of the hand-built items is four one metre tables that can be linked to create one huge one.

If you have been in at all, you will have noticed that the electricians have been working away with the second fixing. Main plugs sockets have been connected up, lights added to the walls and ceilings, some changes made in the ladies, new hand dryers added to the ladies and a lot of work in the school room to get it ready for approaching the new term.

Other work has been going on too. Pete our builder has been really busy with the most obvious sign the addition of the new stable door at the bar.The Gents toilet floor has now been completed; some of the cutting required took the team much longer than expected. We also burned out the electric motor of a specialist tile cutter. However, we are very pleased with the results.

During the week, the girls have been in painting chairs, sanding and oiling tables, evaluating the stock of bench seats. When you are sitting in the courtyard at the BBQ, you are probably sitting in one of their seats.

Work has carried on in the kitchen. Timbers were treated, errant brickwork removed and we were just about to do some remedial work when bang: rot was found. A complete non-load bearing wall has now been removed(it was behind the stainless steel) and we have started treatment.

Preparing for the stable door

John Symon making necessary repairs

New lighting in the school room

Brass lighting now installed

Kitchen wall being demolished

Dry rot was found behind the wall

Wall totally removed

Old wall was removed and dry rot washed out

Boron treatment in the kitchen

Spraying any affected area and close by to kill the rot

New stable door installed

Replacing old rotten door at the bar

Frank the Sparky

Cutting conduit

Making school room benches

Guys preparing the wood for adding legs

Team working on the tables

School room staff hard at work

One part of wall demolished

John warming up to removed the rest

Finsihed tables and benches

Stored in the coach house

New lighting in the ladies

Proper pendant light was added

Replacing the old guttering

Using aluminium guttering and down pipes

Courtyard was absolutely full

Volunteers helping the school room team

Feeling chuffed !!!

Richard with a finised bench

Finalising lighting in the school room

Pendant light being installed

Worktop was cut up by Pete

Four out of one, and cost effective too
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards