Renovations Diary: 9th August, 2019

There has been quite a lot going on this week both visible and behind the scenes. In the bar area, you will see the lighting being installed. From tonight, there is some lighting in the bar itself and in the ladies toilet.

The radiators too starting in the two alcoves at the front of the building. The mains distribution boards in the stables have been completed too. Work has started on the distribution board for the bar area.

The school room has had the floor sanded and is really starting to take shape. Hopefully the lighting will go in shortly to make the next big step forward.

Last week's BBQ has accelerated the pace in the kitchen. The last of the ceiling was removed, the internal walls and door removed, and the part of the plaster removed. The stainless steel has been removed and stored. However, we have found some rot and mould that needs to be dried out, fully cleaned with bleach & other cleaning materials, and treated with boron before we can proceed.

We had a slight hiccup with the ladies hand dryer, with a much larger one being installed than was originally intended. This will be corrected shortly.

Tearing down internal kitchen walls

Making the kitchen much bigger by removing the stud partition

Mould and rot found in kitchen

Behind the stainless steel

Further plastering carried out

At alcove near the lasies toilet

Trevor misting the bar ceiling

Nearly completed the misting in the bar

Removing wood panel in the hall

Tony removing the paneling we were hoping to save

New junction box for the bar

Hidden from view behind the bar

Mains distribution completed

Power now being fed into the building

Removing last of the kitchen ceiling

Adrian doing what he enjoys most

Demolishing kitchen internal walls

Old boiler visible - very heavy

Radiator installed in an alcove

Heating now being installed

School room floor was sanded

Now coming together but still needs more finishing work

Re-strip school window frame

Needs to be neutralised before being painted

Painting chairs in The Swan colours

Lucy and Jack

Kitchen being stripped right back

Making it one big room

Radiator is to be moved

Orientation of pipework changed so raditor wont be on a feature wall

Wrong hand dryer in ladies

Fitted the wrong had dryer, will be replaced soon

Weekday Warriors

Miranda and Bez in volunteering during the week

Painting chairs in The Swan colours

Lots of chairs to be painted

We have lights on!

Limited lighting in bar and ladies toilet
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards