Renovations Diary: 16th August, 2019


Hi All,

What a strange week.

Scott the plumber has been on site sorting the ongoing plumbing.

Ian Grey our resident plasterer has helped save the day. He, Ian and Tony have been sorting the final plastering items to the bar including the chimney breasts.

Bas and Diana have refurbished one of the old external lights. They have totally cleaned it up and painted it in The Swan colours. As you can see, it works very well so we will be looking to do the same with the other lights.

We have a volunteer morning tomorrow with various tasks which will help move things along.

We have a very hectic week next week. The bar will be open as usual but we will run from the coach house.

Next week is all systems go:

  • Monday: The electricians will be doing as much as they can including the bar cellar so we can get it up and running properly. Peter will build the bare carcass of the bar and fit the stable door so this will give us and idea of the space and layout.
  • Tuesday: Peter, Ian and Lino Len will start fitting the main bar flooring
  • Wednesday: Continuation of the bar flooring with the help of Len.
  • Thursday: Bar flooring to be completed by Ian and Peter. Floor to be covered fully to avoid damage.
  • Friday: Stage 2 bar work to be undertaken by Peter. Ben will sort out the cellar requirements /pumps and so on.
  • Saturday: Ben to complete works. BAR open again Note we will still be outside and in the barn as fire requirements will not yet be in place.

Meanwhile lots still to do by volunteers such as kitchen, hallways ,school room and so on.

The following week we can be working on mens loos, fire and security and continuation of bar then can start planning final decoration.

So all coming together.

Marilyn x

Disused chimney plasterboarded

Getting ready to marry up to the actual bar

Lighting in the gents toilet

Sparkies have worked in here during the week

Liz painting the bar ceiling

Magnolia paint was free

Ladies toilet window stripped

Izzy came in on Sunday to do this

Bas and Diana

Demonstrating the refurbished external lamp

Last of kitchen plaster removed

By Duncan Bell

New side door taken another step

Glass added above the door

Plasterboarding a diused chimney

Ian and Tony

Undercoating window in the ladies

Miranda on her knees

Lino Len popped in

Planning session over a beer

Rejuvenated external lamp fitting

Looking really good in The Swan colours

Plasterboarding around the gents

Ian measuring up

Ian plastering where bar will be

Plastering disused chney that had been boarded day before

The new and smaller hand dryer

For the ladies

Tony smiling as ever

Working outside the gents

Miranda and Bes painting the bar

With usual hilarity
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards