Renovations Diary: 2nd August, 2019

With the pub being closed for a couple of days earlier in the week allowed us to doing the plastering above the bar and the surrounding pillars. A lot of square metres and very awkward corners to be covered. At the same time, we opened up the new side door and got that in place; it just needs finished off. A new guttering was added in front of the doors to prevent the bar flooding.

The windows to the front were completed and painted. All that is left to do is to add the "frosting" to make them blend in with the rest. Chris, the specialist electrician, spent a lot of time connected up the new mains in the stable - we are getting closer to having real power to the pub!

And the kitchen ceiling was pulled down too, chairs painted, the stone at painted by our youngest volunteers yet, wires and windows stripped, and much more too. It's difficult to cover it all here.

Tearing down the kitchen ceiling

By Adrian and Alan

Ground floor neatly painted

In the new Swan colours

New side door

Re-used old front alcove door

Putting in the guttering

Bosco and Tony at work

Our youngest volunteers

Preparing the stone cat for painting

New mains distribution boxes

In the stable

New windows, new paint - looking good

Front side where alcove door was removed

Tony building new door frame

One of the professionals making the new door frame

Ian Gray, our miracle plasterer

Been hard at it most of this week

Ailish and family came in

Painting the old stone cat

Miranda and Bez sorting out the world

Wire stripping

Temp bar area was plastered

By Ian Gray

A "not so clean" Adrian

After pulling down the kicthen ceiling

Bar ready after closure

Bar was closed for two days

Miranda seat painting

Lots of old seats to paint up

Dermot watering the plants

Pops in most days to water plants and sort the refuse out
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards