Renovations Diary: 14th June, 2019

An update from our Project Manager

Hello another week has flown by so quickly and we have been making some great progress. The Volunteer Day has given us a great platform to move forward from.

The plumbers and electricians have been busy undertaking the remainder of the first fixing works to the bar areas.

The school room is still work in progress and it is taking time as we have so much old timber to fill and prep but we are getting there.

I went to see the Fire Brigade a few weeks ago to ask if they could kindly assist in taking the old Swan pub sign down for us. It was too dangerous for us to work from a ladder and a tower scaffold or cherry picker would have cost too much and would block the road.

They came along on Tuesday evening to do this for us. So it is a huge thank you to Chris, Mark, Craig and the team at Station 20 Red watch for helping us and being part of The Swan Community.

We will adding the lads to our Swan Heroes page very soon.

Our husband and wife team Gerry & Alan have done some amazing work to the exposed brickwork in the bar. We are going to look so trendy!

I have been busy with Matt our new manager choosing all the pub equipment including a cocktail station! We are also going to have a rather nice coffee barista machine. As you can see, he can't wait to welcome you to The Swan in a few weeks time.

I have ordered some nice birch wood timber for the new sign and this will be taken to our artist on Wednesday who will start work on creating our new sign incorporating the new logo (which is top secret).

We are still working on the bar cellar getting it ready for all the specialist equipment needed and we are damp sealing it at the moment.

Marilyn (site project manager)

The fire brigade arrive

Full fire engine with extendable ladder

Getting ready to take the sign down

Photo taken from inside a first floor bedroom

Fireman bring the old sign into the cradle

At end of laddr was a cradle

Starting to lay heating to gents toilet

White plastic pipes winding through the sub-floor

Tanking Tony tanking the cellar

Applying the specialised material to keep water out

Gerry who helped point the walls

Worked with her husband Alan

Acrow installed

Part of the improvements in the pub

Fire engine on its hydraulic legs

Stabilises the fire engine to allow the ladder to be extended

Fire engine in operation

Lunch break

Cradle being lowered

Discussing the bar sub-floor

Fireman controlling ladder

Making it look very easy

Heating pipework outide ladies toilet

Snaking its way through the bar

Tanking Tony enjoying the cellar

PAlways has a smile

Putting up the Acrows

Ian and the Acrow king

A carefully parked fire engine

Fire engine slotted in between parked cars

In operation

Ladder being extended

At the back of the bar

Temporary lights installed

Matt our new general manager

Welcoming you to The Swan

A feature wall in the bar

One wall finished by Alan and Gerry

Painting the school room

Think Alan doing a bit of relaxing painting on the roofr

John working in the school room

Fixing the beading on the walls
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards