Renovations Diary: 7th June, 2019

An update from our Project Manager

We have had another very productive week at The Swan thanks to our regular team and our amazing volunteers.

The school room is taking shape and we have chosen the kitchenette from Howdens . We are still prepping for the decoration and we can hopefully undertake a lot of this work on our volunteer’s day. We then need to sand the floors. The plumbers and electricians just need to complete their first fixing works and away we go with the decoration.

We had a nice surprise on Tuesday when John exposed an internal window in the School Room which we will retain as a feature. After all the years covered up it does need a little work, but it will certainly provide more natural light to the stairwell.

We are currently working on the bar cellar getting it ready for all the specialist equipment needed. It has emptied, and we are hoping that it will be washed down and thoroughly cleaned during the volunteers day. This will allow the tanking (water proofing and protection) to be done in the coming days.

We still need extra weekday volunteers. Just please pop by if you want to help even if you have no skills we can find something useful for you to do. Your Swan needs you !

This is Alex Loveless who had a couple of free hours on Thursday. He came in and helped remove some of the ceilings on the first floor. Watch out for more news about Alex as he takes up the 50km Thames Path Challenge in support of The Swan.

Alan and Geraldine contacted me on Monday to express an interest in volunteering. Alan is a time served local builder and is going to offer some of his time along with Geraldine who will act as his assistant.

One of the main areas is the exposed brickwork in the bar - he will help to prepare this and then undertake all the pointing. We are at a crucial stage now with the bar and this work is invaluable.

Marilyn (site project manager)

Inside the cellar

Needs complete refurbishment

Signature of previous cellarman

James Murty 30th October 1936

First floor hall ceiling was removed

Taking it back to the bare rafters

Ken after taking down a ceiling

Removed ceiling in bedroom three

SSE have laid tarmac

Filled in hole to put electrics in

Marilyn our project manager

An enigma

Another photo of the cellar

Needs renovated

Lots of pipes in the cellar

All to be taken out

Bedroom 3 without its ceiling

Removed by Ken and Ian

Skips being swapped

Swapping full for empty

Gerry and Alan

Who do the pointing in the bar

Trevor in the school room

Working on the main wall

The other side of the cellar

Stairs into the cellar are dangerous and need replaced

Progressing the school room

One of the pupils helping out

Ian after taking down a ceiling

Think bedroom three won from his face

Pete and Tony fixing the ceiing

In the school room

Alex disposing of ceiling material

From the ceiling of the first floor hall

Alan found this window

In school room over the stairs
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards