Renovations Diary: 21st June, 2019

An update from our Project Manager

Hello everyone. The sun is shining as I am writing this on a make shift bench in The Swan yard.

Alan and Gerry our almost resident husband and wife team have made amazing progress with the exposed brick walls to the main pub and are now working on the men’s toilets. We have a specialist brick sealer that we need to apply when finished so this will be another job for one of our volunteers.

As well as our usual team of volunteers we had two new faces this week John Laing and John "Bosco" Ridge. They have done fantastic work doing a multitude of tasks from painting damp proof to the cellar to de-nailing.

Dermot was busy this week taking general rubbish down to the church as our lovely vicar has allowed us to use their bins. This of course all helps with skip costs.

Trevor one of our regulars has been doing some heavy duty work chasing out the floor for the plumbers who are back on site Monday. John is back doing his work in the school room.

The cellar is still work in progress and we have had a multitude of volunteers working on it this week. We've had to strip all walls back to the basic concrete and replaced the ceiling. Our resident builder Peter Keen has made new stairs.

Time is pressing now and we need your help more than ever even if it is just making tea for the volunteers. It’s dusty, dirty and fun! So please put on your overalls and a smile and pop down and see us. We are around in the morning so please turn up if you can.


Tanking failed in the cellar

Tanking simply peeled off

Walls in cellar will need cleaned

Fingers crossed that it will take the tanking next time

Progress in the school room

Ceiling repaired is most notable

Beams are down in the bar

Start of the floor in the bar

Pillar and new steel looking good

Will soon disappear when the fire retardant plaster board is added

Tony treating the cellar ceiling

Boron spray to prevent rot

An Alan and Gerry masterpiece

A wall in the bar re-pointed and made to look really sexy

Bosco de-nailing

Removing the nails from the rafters

Peter and Tony - the dream team

Our builders

Cellar ceiling insulated and re-boarded

Replaced the cellar ceiling

Ceiling removed in bedroom 4

Ceiling was removed and dumped in the skip

Three phase mains coming into the pub

Trench with amoured cables in the ladies loo

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards