Renovations Diary: 19th April, 2019

Some walls in the bar were demolished and Acrow Props inserted. The electricians have done the initial wiring for the bar area, more to follow. We are waiting for planning approval for the "steels" that will open up the bar area. The new stud partition walls and electrics are now in place in the toilets. Selco made a special delivery of building materials on Good Friday.

Acrows have been installed Pub floor getting stripped back Walls being stripped back too Special delivery from Selco Ground showing instead of floor Extent of work being required now showing A lot of work needs done
Boarding stacked up Guys working on replacing brickwork Almost something out of an alien movie Fireboard stacked upg Walls stripped right back Ceiling needs to be supported
Total building site inside the pub Scale of work becoming apparent VGents toilet has stud partition added Stacked bricks next to the front windows Delivery from Selco Main entrance looking nothing like a pub
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards