Renovations Diary: 12th April, 2019

Final decisions have now been made on the bar layout, and relevant restructuring work for this is underway. Meanwhile, work has started to strip out the wiring in the second floor. Some floorboards were found with writing on them - do you know these people?

Peter, the builder, has made good progress on the interiors of both pub toilets, with stud work already being installed. That has allowed some design decisions to be made and some vital testing of some standing room space!

Electrical work is due to start next week starting with the toilets and the school room.

Floor boards are being lifted on the second floor Writing on the floor boards: Peter 4 Emma and Peter 4 Lucy (not) Photo from the top ofte scaffolding
Corridor on top floor have been lifted Writing on floorboard: James 4 Isabella Another bedroom with floorboards lifted
Gully between the roofs has a leak Tarpaulin covers hole in the roof
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards