Renovations Diary: 5th April, 2019

On Monday, the building committee held its first meeting inside The Swan, a dusty affair around a temporary table and some of the old pub chairs. The venue was fitting though, as some important decisions were taken regarding the future layout of the bar area.

The committee has also continued to focus on getting the design finalised for the ladies and gents toilets.

Final plans are coming in for electrical work to commence and the process of putting the premises through a thorough fire risk assessment has begun, to ensure we are adopting best options for fire safety.

Work continued on the first floor to remove the false ceiling and take out old wring and pipework. In the kitchen, a significant amount of wiring was removed too.

Work started on the first floor hallway Floorbaords lifted in bedroom 3 Skip lorry squeezing out of the gates Lowered ceiling removed from first floor corridor
Work progresses in the first floor corridor Significant amount of wiring was pulled out in the kitchen Skip lorry half way through the gates Some work has been done in the kitchen
False ceiling now removed Skip being loaded onto back of the lorry Still need another skip! Debris in bedroom three
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards