Renovations Diary: 29th March, 2019

The favourable weather has enabled the roofers to get up the scaffold and start work this week. They’ll be giving the old slates a thorough inspection and patching any damaged areas as they go.

We're still awaiting the addition of further scaffolding to get a closer look at the chimneys, and will decide on an appropriate course of action once that's in place.

Designs for the upgraded and improved toilets have now been finalised and will incorporate wheelchair accessible cubicles in both the male and female toilets. Work on these facilities will begin in earnest soon.

Our structural engineer has drawn up some plans for remodelling the internal space of the pub, with a cost effective solution, balancing the need to create a bright, open space befitting the communal ethos of the project, whilst retaining some quirky nooks and crannies.

We have ordered some premium engineered oak flooring for the bar area, and we can't wait to get it laid. It’s going to be a significant upgrade on what went before, and will become an integral design feature of the overall look of the interior.

Progress continues at an exciting pace. This should only increase now that the weather is clement. There remains a collective ambition to open as a friendly and welcoming pub as soon as possible, and we thank everybody involved in contributing to this amazing community effort!

Up on the roof trying to make it more water tight
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards