VJ75 Day - Celebrating and Remembering

A very busy weekend at The Swan saw activities galore. The Albert Street Gals provided excellent musical entertainment marking the 75th anniversary of VJ day on Saturday.

The Albert Street Gals

We had some surprise entertainment lined up during the day. The Albert Street Gals did two sets: one mid-afternoon, the other early evening. Their 1940s music and dress went down a storm. It was a fitting tribute to VJ75 Day and the we thank the girls for all their time, Well worth it.

To see their performancs, please go to our YouTubeTube Channel. The videos will be embedded shortly.

The Barbecue

The volunteers manned the BBQ again producing some fine BBQ food to suit all tastes.

Out in The Courtyard

The Courtyard got busy very quickly.

And inside the pub

Inside the pub was busy both with the staff pouring drinks and with people enjoying themselves.

Getting Ready

There was a lot of preparation work required to get The Courtyard ready for the BBQ and for The Albert Street Gals to perform. The team worked hard to get the place looking fab and ready for what turned out to be a superb day.

And in the evening

People stayed until lights were required and the sky dark.

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