Events Diary: Windsor Fringe

From the Fringe brooklet ...

The Swan was closed for nearly three years, but with significant community support and involvement by Willie Calvert of the local Windsor and Eton Brewery, and a really energetic team, The Swan has been reclaimed for the community : somewhere for meeting friends, for good food from local produce, or simply to have a drink. It is also somewhere for young people with additional needs to learn useful life skills through work experience.

Windsor Artists are supporting the Swan. All the artists exhibiting in the pub over the weekend will donate 20% of proceeds from art sales to the great projects run by the Swan.

Our artists were: Alex Loveless, Aurora Spain, Genine Rainsborough and Paul Barfoot. Thanks to all who participated and to the volunteers for the BBQ and Brunch.

Social media ad

Advert used by social media

Artists setting up

Setting up in the courtyard

Saturday BBQ

ETony hard at it (again)

Official advert

Fringe locations

Two of the artists

Range of cakes were available

Children's picture competition

Colouring in for the kids was very popular

Advertising outside the pub

The Fringe organisers made sure people kne where to come

In the coach house

a great selection of painting typers was on show

Vivid colours were used

Some pictures of sharks had a brilliant blue for the sea
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards