Events Diary: Radio Berkshire

Phil Kennedy of BBC Radio Berkshire

We were very excited to welcome BBC Berkshire's Drivetime show with Phil Kennedy to The Swan for a live outside broadcast! We have contributed to the show on several occasions over the last year, updating listeners on the progress of phase one of our refurbishment, including at our opening ceremony back in January.

This time, the full two hour show came from the main bar and included interviews with Richard Allen; pupils and parents of The Green Room School; Marilyn, our building Project Manager; Matt Baker, our General Manager; Reverend Rosie from St Andrew's Church; representatives of CAMRA and volunteers and members of the The Friends of The Swan Group.

It was a packed afternoon that included Kelly, one of the newest members of our bar team, teaching Phil the presenter how to pull a pint of Guardsman – all captured on Facebook Live!

Photos taken by our professionlal, Doug Seeburg

Phil and Marilyn

Talking about project management and the overall design

Enjoying a small refreshment

Enjoying a laugh over a beer

The Reverend Rosie

Discussing the community aspect and links to the local church

Getting ready to pull a pint

Phil looking a little nervous, however Kelly enjoying the moment

The Friends of The Swan

Publicity and Fund Raising Committee

Ian being interviewed

Discussing the volunteering work

Bas being interviewed

Explainging about support of the Clewer Group

Bar getting busy

The bar was open when the live broadcast was going on

Kelly being interviewed

Both behind the bar

Phil pulling a pint

Intense concentration while trying to pull a good pint

Lads waiting to be interviewed

Looking slightly nervous whilst Phil does the introduction

Rachel being interviewed

Phil interviewed each member of the committee

Waiting to be interviewed

All interviewees had to be there early

Phil interviewing

BBC production team behind the interview

Kelly being interviewed

The courtyard was packed with people of all ages

Customers being interviewed

Phil talking from behind the bar

Tony being interviewed

One of the weekday warriors

Izzy telling the donkey story

Need to listen to the recording at the very end to get the story

Photos taken by volunteers.

Thanks for these, the more the merrier. Thanks!

Busy pub for the show

The pub was busy in the evening

Marilyn, our project manager

Phil interviewing Marilyn

Bas, a weekday warrior

Phil interviewing Bas

Richard, school room guru

Phil interviewing Richard

Ian, a weekday warrior

Phil interviewing Ian

The BBC radio van

Van parked outside the pub

Audio snippets

These audio snippets have been taken from the recording of the full radio show (available from BBC SOunds until mid-November, 2019). The snippets are presented here for posterity as Phil and the BBC have made a remarkable job of telling the story of The Swan.

Phil Kennedy - introduction to The Swan

Richard Allen - how it started and the challenge of the school

Jo Beck - what makes a community pub work?

Marilyn Leonard - the renovation project

Bas Williams - the history of the pub and area

Matt Baker - growing the business

Green Room School - the view of the pupils and parents

Will Calvert - brewing beer and the future plan for The Swan

Reverend Rosie - what it means to the local church and community

Kelly Duncan - teaching Phil how to pull a pint

CAMRA - thoughts about community pubs and The Swan

The Friends of The Swan - what it has taken to get this far (and the donkey story)

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards