Events Diary: Clothes Swap

Swishing at The Swan: Summer Clothes Swap

The inaugral Swish was held and raised money for the renovation funds. There was an excellent range of tops, blouses, dresses and shoes available. People had broguht them along and participated in the swap for a small donation.

Rather than send the remainder to charity, we will be organising another Swish and present them there. If still unsold, then they will go to charity.

Thanks to all who participated.

Main swishing table

Table set up at start of the event

High quality clothes available

Excellent shoes and dresses were available

Swan merchandise table

With Swan related items available for sale

Top cakes available

Range of cakes were available

Modelling the wears available

Lovely jacket being modelled

Range of tops too

Great ladies tops were available on the clothes rack
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards