Events Diary: Quiz Night

The inaugral Swan Quiz was held both in the pub and in the courtyard. Demand was high. Demand was very high with some having to stand.

The bar before the storm

Tables and chairs have been brought inside

Courtyard was tidied up too

Benches with umbrellas out

Benches full for the quiz

Lots of peole attenede the quiz

Inside was full too

Team deliberating the answers

No seats were available

Twas busy as they say

No seats outside either

all the benches were full too

New bar stools laid out

Seven new iron and wooden stools

Rugby sweepstake was started

All teams were sold on the night

Quiz team enjoying themselves

One of the many teams that took part

Adrian in full swing

Obviously really love the book

More deliberation

Team working out the answer

The winners

Looking really happy to be the first winners

Matt preparing the bar

Getting the new snacks out

Steve our quiz master

Asking the quiz questions

On top of it .. perhaps!

One of the teams looking confident

Meanwhile outside

No one left due to dark or coolness iof the evening

Looking for inspiration

Team inside looking for the answer
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards