Events Diary: Volunteers AM

A lot was achieved in the four or five hours that we had. Twenty plus volunteers came down and eally got stuck in. And the pub opened as normal at 11am too.

Some of our achievements included:

  • Misting the dry plaster
  • Fixing some paintwork in the school room
  • Further painting in the ladies toilet
  • Cleaning the feature walls
  • Painting some of the old chairs
  • Boarding in the hall behind the bar

A lot more than that was achieved. Oh, and you can't forget the wire strippers too!

Photos taken by supporters.

Some from Facebook, some from Twitter, some sent in. Photos from a mixture of our supporters. Please keep sending them in!

New guttering at the service door

Black plastic guttering added above the door

Painting in the ladies toilet

Second coat for the walls, first for the woodwork

Preparing plywood sheet

Team measuring out the sheet to make sure its right

Misting the bar

One of the team lightly coating the bar ceiling

Painting old chairs

To make them funky

How the courtyard was left

Old good looking tables, chairs, bunting ... the works

Boarding behind the old bar door

Need to finish the hall behind the old bar doory

Wire stripping

In the courtyard

Fireboarding in the hall

Behind the door so we can keep the same look

Cleaning the feature walls

Removing plaster and marks

Plywood sheeting being mounted

Additional support for shelving

Preparing for misting

Working out the best technique

Misting one of the walls

All dry plaster had to be misted

Cleaning the main feature wall

Carfully sponging it down

Removing dust before the customers arrive

Hoovering the bar floor

Cleaning the glasses

Bas and Diana in the kitchen
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards