Events Diary: Opening Day

The In line with our vision from the outset, from this autumn we will have a fully functioning and cosy - if a little rustic - pub, proudly serving the community of Clewer and beyond. However, to get us to this point, there is much renovation work still to be done.

We took the decision to open ASAP in order to give investors and, indeed, all of our customers, the opportunity to sample the atmosphere of The Swan and quench their thirst during the summer months. However, throughout the summer, the renovation work will still progress as The Swan continues on its journey to becoming a fully-fledged pub.

Many hundreds attended the Opening Weekend. We had a lucky break with the weather that unexpectedly cleared up for us. It was a really busy day:

  • Setting up the temporary bar.
  • Putting a door on the ladies and other "minor" finishing items too.
  • The W&E Dray delivered ceremonial beer barrels that were shared round.
  • The Windsor Town Cryer read a very funny poem about drinking.
  • Some speeches were made by Will and Richard.
  • The unveiling of the new pub sign was done.
  • Excellent food from the Italian Street Food van.
  • Singing and dancing into the night.
  • Oh, and some drinking was done too.

The W&E Brewery dray arriving

The Windsor and Eton Brewery dray arriving

Will Calvert with The Swan in the background

Will Calvert with The Swan in the background

Photos taken by our professional photographer

These are a collection of photos taken by Doug Seeburg, a volunteer and a professional photographer too.

Last minute work in the ladies toilet

Finishing the ladies loo

The official word - we're ready

Richard and Will with signs with we are open on them

The ceremonial beer barrels being brought in

Two barrels of beer to be distributed to the crowd

The speeches

Richard doing a number of thanks to heroes and volunteers

The first drink in the re-opened pub

Our oldest customer with a beer

Matt finishing the bar

Matt finishing the barby loading the till

The W&E dray arriving

The Windsor and Eton brewery dray arriving with the ceremonial beer barrels

The Town Cryer checking out the beer

First served - the Windsor and Eton Town Cryer

The new pub sign

Unveiling the new pub sign for the first time

Unsurprisingly, the bar was busy

Long queues, busy staff - what a day

The temporary is ready for opening

All stocked and ready to go

A very happy drayman

A very happy drayman in front of The Swan

A large crowd listened to the speeches

The courtyard was packed with people of all ages

At 97, the oldest customer on the day

Chosen to receive the first drink from the re-opened pub

Photos taken by our supporters.

Some photos from social media and sent in via email. Thanks!

Waiting for the dray

Crowds outside The Swan before opening

The dray arrives

The Windsor and Eton Brewery dray arriving at The Swan

The guys behind the bar are ready

Matt and the team are ready for the expected crowd

The courtyard filled quickly

View from above of the busy courtyard

Listening to the speeches

The busy courtyard listened intently to the speeches

Doors are open

And the queueing starts

History of the renovation (1 of 2)

Photos of the pub since it was bought

The Town Cryer

The Windsor and Eton Town Cryer

Calm before the storm in the courtyard

Prior to the opening, the courtyard was pretty empty

The coach house had been cleared out

Seating inside the coach house

Preparing the speeches

Will and the Town Cryer comparing notes

Matt and Sheridan provides the evening entertainment

Signing and dancing into the night

History of the renovation (2 of 2)

Photos of the pub since it was bought

Competitions including the stripped copper wire

Volunteers had stripped three huge bags of copper wire

A preview of the new colours

Some windows have been printed Swan Green

The two o'clock wedding went past

Bride arriving at Saint Andrews in a vintage car

Special guests see the new pub sign

Just after the unveiling of the new pub sign

You can recognise some of the locals

Sue Holderness

Some of the Weekday Warriors having a beer

Some of the weekday volunteers
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