Events Diary: Volunteer Day

As we got closer and closer to the opening, the more and more the volunteers came forward to help. Over thirty people came down this day to help out. We had a variety of tasks that were undertaken, including:

  • plaster boarding,
  • paint stripping,
  • sanding
  • cementing,
  • putting up shelving,
  • tidying the kitchen,
  • cleaning the first floor,
  • washing down plastic seats,
  • and wire stripping too.

There are too that are probably missed, apologies. A few stayed on into the evening, chewing the cud and drinking a couple of beers.

A huge thanks to all who attended. Also to Doug Seebug who provided the photos of the morning.

Before the work started

Bar area ready for more plasterboarding

Pink plasterboard is fire retardant

Bar becoming very pink with the pink plasterboard

The crew working in the courtyard

Wire stripping, tidying, installing cameras, etc

Sneak review of the tiles for the ladies loo

To give a Moroccan feel

The front of the pub before removing 2 doors

Two doors to go in a week

A board dotted and dabbed

Plasterboard readied for fixing to the wall

Another successful board fitted

Tony and Ian looking pleased with themselves

Two teams worked at plasterboarding

Lots of pink plasterboard all over the bar

Two teams worked on plasterboarding

John got involved too

The hole at the door was eventually cemented!

At the front door

The Courtroom which will be used by the school

A lot of work still to do

Checking a cut board will fit

All pillars had their plasterboard pre-cut

Wire stripping in the sun

The girls hard at chatting ... and stripping

Fixing a board to a pillar

Carefulll placing a board

Measuring out a board

Measure, measureand measure again

Toothing out the alcove door

Making ready for the door to be removed

Anne paint stripping

Alcove windows were treated again

Bar area looks a lot bigger now

The reconfiguration of the bar has made it a lot bigger

Making adhesive for dot and dabbing plasterboard

Ian and Tony mixing adhesive in the courtyard

Stuart the plasterer gving a masterclass

Showing how to do dot and dab properly
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards