Renovation Diary: 29th April, 2022

The kitchen is just moments away from the sizzle and steam of some culinary delights. Waiting on the last of the replacement equipment parts is the final piece of the puzzle and has allowed time to finish off the snagging list, collate the safety paperwork and put everything in its place. Watch this space, as trials will soon be able to start and details are sent out of our food on offer. We hope to see you dining with us soon!

This picture is showing The Cold Store which is directly underneath the metal stairs leading up to The School and The IT Suite. It has fridges and freezers as well as the mixer for making pizza dough.

The Cold Store in The Kitchen at The Swan.

Meanwhile other renovations have started to take place with Art Building Services on site. With the kitchen opening, the first part of the stairs and landing will be accessed more frequently so the ceilings and walls have been upgraded as well as increasing the necessary fire safety. There are more upgrades to the stables, starting with making the roofs water tight before moving to the internals. This inspired a well overdue spring clean of the inside stables earlier in the week.

Scaffolding extending out into street from The Stables.
The Stables wih scaffolding to allow the rood to be addressed.
Inside one of The Stables.
Inside a stable, canm see it needs a lot of work before it can be used for anything.
AAnother stable but in slightly better state.
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards