Renovation Diary: 8th April, 2022

This week the Warriors have proved that many hands make light work. Or, more accurately, many hands have fitted doors, trimmed, painted, secured and so much more as The Kitchen edges ever closer to completion.

In the internal hallway, the final bits of painting and boxing in of pipework was undertaken. This has got to be in really good conditon for when food is transported between The Kitchen and The Bar.

Doing the final work to The Kitchen door.
Two of the team working out how to box in pipework on the brickwall
More painting

You know when things are nearing completion when the team fitted the (very heavy) door for The Kitchen. If you have tried it before, there is a certain nervousness about this to make sure that it hangs and fits properly. After doing that, the team added the various strips required to minimise smoke and fire.

Tony working on The Kitchen door to level it.
A releived Tony with a working Kitchen door

There were lots of other 'ee' jobs going on too, too numerous to list or take photos of. Instead we will show a couple of examples. Firstly , we were kindly donated a large fridge/freezer unit which needed to go into The Cold Room - however to get it in required the removal of door frames and the whole team to man handle it into place. Another is the addition of an extractor fan in The Dry Story Room. All necessary, all time consuming but we are nearly there!

Team man handling a large fridge/frezer through The Kitchen door
A happy Tony atop a ladder fitting an extractor fan
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards