Renovation Diary: 17th December, 2021

After a small delay waiting for the last of the flooring to be completed, the new cooker hood and aluminum back pieces arrived and were taken into The Kitchen.

Richard Douglas taking an aluminum sheet from the back of the delivery van
Help has arrived, taking the sheet out of the van
And next the cooker hood, but it needs a lot of the team to help
Pulling the cooker hood out of the van
And walking it through The Courtyard, takes four men to do it
The cooker hood set in The Store Room
The team from the cooker hood people

On Thursday, the fitting team came in and started work fitting the extraction fan. As you can see it took quite a few to get it into place and fitted securely. Keith, our sparky, was also in to progress the electrics. Things are now moving at pace!

Manouevering the hood into place The last bits of the aluminum sheet that will form the splashback
The Kitchen with hood fitted Keith the Sparky with lots of wires hanging about
Team fitting the hood to the wall and ceiling
The cooker hood all fitted

And this week the Warriors got new jerkins so that they are clearly identified. This is part of the advanced security requirements that the school require for the safety of the students.

The Weekday Warriors 2021
And showing the backs of their new jerkins

Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards