Renovation Diary: 3rd September, 2021

An extraordinary team effort this week must be congratulated. The Weekday Warriors have been joined by GR6 staff and Micky, our General Manager. Collectively they have installed the ceiling boards in The Kitchen, begun the replacement of the wall and door into the dry-store room and even found time to take a pick axe to The Courtyard flooring. Always a busy week but some highly visible progress has been made this week. Sincere thanks to all those involved.

The lads working out what to do with the next board. Raising a board up to the ceiling ready for screwing
The new wall going up for The Store Room Richard Allen fitting a board
Thomas and Baffy Baff screwing in a board
Kitchen ceiling newly boarded Somewhere in there you can find Trevor

Some would say this is slo-mo but Micky has assured us that this was him at full speed ;)

Micky improving The Courtyard
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards