Renovation Diary: 27th August, 2021

The Weekday Warriors have excelled themselves this week with a lot of activity and a lot of progress. As soon as the long awaited final joist been fixed into The Kitchen ceiling the messy job of replacing the fibreglass insulation began.

Richard stuffing insulation into the ceiling
Ceiling full of stuffing
First fit electrics hanging down from the ceiling

Acoustic insulation has also been fitted into the stairwell leading to the School House and the walls were boarded ready for plastering. Not ignoring the outside area the final cable reel table has had a smart new top installed.

Tony measuring out a piece of plaster board
Tony fitting plasterboard in the stairs up to The School House

The last of the large bobbin reels had a new top added and that was varnished too. Looking great!

John and Thomas cutting a new table top
Last of the large bobbins with a new table top

How many Warriors does it take to get a single cable across The Courtyard without digging a trench? Fortunately with welcome foresight the team had left a tube in place complete with a simple rope pull through. Three Warriors, a rope and little bit of tug of war saw the task complete in minutes!

Pulling cables underneath The Courtyard
So many cables in The Kitchen
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards