Renovation Diary: 6th August, 2021

The volunteers have continued to turn their hand to many varied tasks this week, too many to do justice to here. Tony can be seen preparing a new support beam for The Kitchen ensuring that the first fix electricity and water pipes remain uninterrupted. At the AGM it was reported that a further 8 beams needed to be reinforced in the ceiling. Thanks to our Warriors 3 have been completed and 4 more are in progress.

Tony working on one of the rafters
Rafter showing huge bolts being used
Trevor working next ti The Kitchen window
Trevor working on the rafters
Tony making cutouts for existing pipework and first fit electrics
Hard work strecthing all of the time
Thomas working on the rafters

Meanwhile Thomas, amongst other tasks this week, has been displaying his carpentry skills as part of the SwanFest preparations. And John has completed another flower bed at the front wall.

Thomas making one of the games for kids for Swanfest
Johnmixing more concrete for the new flower bed
Ico:Backwards Ico:Forwards